Our Mission

Our mission illustrates our total commitment to our clients´ needs and is exemplified by three core principles:

Your success

The German Business Centre North America wants to assist you and your business in becoming successful in the new market. Our commitment and local expertise will provide you with valuable tools to assess the conditions and requirements of your new field of activities. Your success is our first priority: it is our benchmark and our goal.

Our co-operation

We focus on your questions and we will closely work together with you. As a result, your professional experience and knowledge and our thorough familiarity with local markets will not only create an excellent platform for a faster market entry but also minimize costs and establish the basis for a successful business set-up in a new environment.

An objective stance

The German Business Centre stands for discretion, independence, and objectivity. Our cross-sector professionalism is widely recognized – we maintain a list from which you can choose the local specialists that deliver the best solution for you and your company