About Us

The German Business Centre North America Inc. was founded in June 2001 with the goal to provide companies from Germany, Switzerland and Austria with a base and launching platform for entering the Canadian and American market. At the same time, we are presenting American and Canadian companies with the opportunity to gain easy access to European markets.

Our main aim is to provide an infrastructure that will enable our customers to focus entirely on their core business when entering a new market, without having to set up expensive administration systems. We can offer our customers a fully functional business site and tailor our services to meet their requirements. As part of these activities, we assume the presentation of trade organizations and governmental agencies.

Our team includes specialists in the fields of economics, law, taxation and technology with a proven track record and extensive experience in Germany, Switzerland and North America. In addition, we maintain a list of highly qualified local professionals with experience in intercontinental trade and law who are happy to assist you with your needs.